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Gulab Chand Ramesh Chand - The family came from Narnaul 290 years ago and were among the select families that were picked to come to Jaipur to establish themselves in the Pink City. They came in as traders and set up business in Johri Bazar. Gulab Chand Ramesh Chand was established in 1952 and over the decades the name is now synonymous with that of stability, leadership, reliability and pioneering spirit of Jaipur especially in the textile sector.

Ramesh Chand Agarwal (Narnoli)

Born in 1959, Ramesh Chand Agarwal took over his father’s booming business in 1970 and and expanded it to new heights. He established a separate brand name "Shri Krishnam" and now has three showrooms in Jaipur. He played a major role in developing B2B business market throughout India. This Project is a personal and unique way he envisions giving back to Jaipur with affordable premium housing.

Ankit Agarwal

Born in 1986, Ankit Agarwal holds a Master’s Degree in Management, with specialization in Real Estate Management from University of Leeds, UK. Like his previous generations, he has put in immense hard work and successfully launched the Rajvesh brand which is reputed countrywide for Indian Ethnic designer clothing. For almost a decade he has personally been a pioneer in establishing Rajvesh brand as an upmarket and elite brand for ethnic Indian wear, especially Rajasthani Poshak. Their latest ethnic clothing store ‘Rajvesh’ covers a whopping space of 8000 sq feet in an otherwise cramped Johri Bazar in Jaipur.He is now poised to make a success out of Govardhan Heights with his sharp acumen and attention to detail and quality delivery.

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